Escape Game Waiver Software for Live Escape Rooms - iPad, Android, Web

We are extremely proud to announce the coming release of our Live Escape Game Waiver Software! Continuing the trend of expanding our comprehensive suite of Escape Game Apps, we have added waivers to the lineup! Capture a waiver for each customer, not just the one who booked the party, including their name and email, garnering you a full list of contact emails for marketing purposes. You will be able to go back and review every signed waiver, as well as pull reports by time period, and search across all waiver data. Waivers can be signed on iPad or Android Tablet, or ahead of time via integration with Bookify or your personal Escape Game Website. If customers have not signed in advance, they can always sign at your facility via a form of iPad or Android device, or a computer.


Escape Game Waivers