Video and Photo Backgrounds With Timer for Escape Room Master

Just a quick update today, we added the ability to use both photo and video backgrounds in your games, allowing for even more extensive theming and immersive room design. Along with this came the ability to change the default lock/clue icons for all three states (unobtained, earned, and used) to any image you would like.

Video backgrounds can be looped, or started with the timer in the room. Videos can be used to enhance the theme of the room, provide additional clues or information, or even an alternate timer view. Accompanying the backgrounds are a slew of options for configuring the layout of the timer and clue boxes, as well as the rest of the screen elements to adapt for any screen size and other items inside the video. Should a video with a timer built in be used, the room time itself and events in the room can be based off the time of the video instead of the default room timer.


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