We Made a Phony Phone App!

Our resident nerd has put his skill for creating apps together with his passion for escape rooms to create our very first Escape Room Master prop application! This application can be installed on any Apple (iOS 10+) or Android (5+) phone, meaning it will work on a $20 prepaid burner phone! All audio, numbers, names, and call durations are completely customizable. Calling a certain number can trigger a prop on your network as well!

Use Case 1:

Agents sneak into the Coat Check closet and discover a notorious baddie left a burner phone in his jacket pocket. Use your prior knowledge to break into his phone and snoop out some juicy details.

Use Case 2:

A retired game show host has emerged from a reclusive retirement and has invited his biggest fans to a private game in his mansion. Unfortunately, his nefarious intentions are revealed during a murderous toast. You may phone one friend for help… who is it going to be?


  • Create unlimited ‘phones’. Licence is priced per device, one backup device license is included.
  • Choose between a Dark or Light color scheme.
  • Change some settings on the fly by using a super secret admin access screen, pin protected
  • Set your network trigger time: Instant, when audio starts, or when audio finishes.
  • Choose your own dial sound or use our default.
  • Choose how many rings before your audio plays.
  • Choose your own Wrong Number audio.
  • Map unlimited callable numbers, prop triggers.
  • Add unlimited recent calls (Name, Number, Call Date, and Duration)
  • Disable recent calls or hide time in call date if desired.
  • Add unlimited voicemails (Name, Number, Call date, Duration, and audio)
  • Disable voicemail or hide time in call date if desired.
  • Add unlimited favorites (Name, Number)
  • Disable Favorites or hide time in call date if desired.



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