Microphone Into Live Escape Game Room Live Transmission Audio Feature

One long requested feature is the ability to have a Game Master speak directly into the Live Escape Room using the microphone on their computer, and without any external hardware or software. After puzzling over this, we finally were able to release a clean, single button audio transmission solution for your Escape Room.

This button works similar to a “click on, click off” push to talk audio transmitter for your Escape Game Master, where you click the transmit button to begin sending your voice input from the microphone, and click it again to turn the stream off. Of course, this happens all from inside Escape Room Master, without the need for any other hardware. As most users run games from a laptop, you will have a mic built in. If not, you will need to purchase a microphone which plugs in via USB, or a 3.5mm audio in jack.

Audio is transmitted into the Escape Room via ChromeCast, or HDMI, and works the same as the soundtrack, alert tone, audio clues, and the like. Two rooms can still be run from the same computer, as the audio is automatically directed out to the correct Live Adventure Room for players in the appropriate experience.


Escape Game Microphone Escape Room Audio