Escape Game Waiver Management Software & App - iPad/iOS, Android, Web

After tons of hours of beta testing, our Live Escape Room Waiver Management Software App is ready just in time for the new year! A quick setup for some branding options is all you need to begin collecting unlimited escape game waivers for only $19.95 per month. Waivers are stored indefinitely, including the version of the waiver text that they were signed with, and can be reviewed or printed at any time.

Waivers can be signed in person on an iPad, Android tablet, or computer, and are fully customizable and brandable with your colors and logo. Alternately, if you would like people to be signing them ahead of time, you can embed our waiver module in your website, or email participants a waiver link ahead of time to speed up the check in process. Easily sign with your finger or a stylus on a tablet, or even your mouse/trackpad on a desktop or laptop computer.

Our Escape Game Waiver app is designed with your live escape room business in mind, giving you the functionality you need, and nothing you don’t. By cutting out the extra frills that “do it all” type waivers include to try to span multiple industries, we give you a streamlined, easy to use product that will do everything you need, while remaining easy to customize. Enable or disable fields, make them required, add custom fields, and more! Once waivers have been signed, they are stored, and easily accessible when logging into your account. Searching is seamless with built in support for full text search across fields, as well as date range search and filtering.

All waiver data can be exported at the click of a button to Microsoft Excel or CSV file, and the results can be easily uploaded to MailChimp, or other email marketing programs and services.

We are iterating quickly on our waiver software, and will be bringing features to the tablet versions such as being able to take a picture as a player signs, 100% true offline functionality, the ability to sign for an unlimited number of minors, and lots more! Your feedback always helps us know what to develop, so never hesitate to drop us a line!


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