Live Escape Game Leaderboard Software Release by

Yet another original product to flesh out our suite of software to encompass every possible facet of running your Escape Room business! We have released our Live Escape Room Leaderboard App for displaying Leaderboards in your lobby or waiting area. Leaderboard data is automatically inputted and tracked while your Game Masters run rooms. Every time a room is over, Escape Room Master will log to the database an entry containing pertinent information about that game, including a team name (if they escaped!), escape time, date, and the like. These metrics can be used in the backend statistics page to view detailed information and reports about your rooms, how they are running, escape percentages, average times, and much much more!

On the player facing side, displayed on a TV/Smart TV/Apple TV/ChromeCast/etc in your lobby is a beautiful sliding interface, each room being represented on one slide. Every room can be customized with a picture, and short description of the room, and displays the room title, escape percentage/completion rate, and 4 columns of leaderboards underneath. In each column, the name of the escaping team is shown along with their time, grouped by time periods of best of the week, month, year, and all time.

Of course, what is a customer facing display without branding? The lobby side of the leaderboard feature is fully customizable, and we have even a few more tweaks on the way. While our leaderboard app for your Live Escape Game Experience will work on any web browser capable device, including an iPad, or Google Android tablet, we recommend a 1080p TV display for optimal viewing experience.


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