Live Escape Game Audio Control Panel

Hot on the heels of our Live Voice Transmission feature, we have released an audio control panel, allowing you to independently control the volume on each audio feature played by ERM. This enables you to keep the soundtrack low in the background, and have an alert tone or the vocal transmission louder, so they are not drowned out by the soundtrack.

When adjusting this, we have found that it is best to set the actual operating system computer output volume to 100%, or very close, and the TV output volume to 50% or higher. This way, you give yourself the maximum range of adjustment from the audio control panel, and are not minimizing the amount of flexibility you have in controlling your volume output.

The sliders which control the volume are on a scale of OFF - 100% full volume. Dragging a slider all the way to the left will mute that specific control. We recommend keeping the audio alert and voice transmission levels a bit higher than the soundtrack for ease of communication with players in the Live Theme Rooms.


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