Escape Game Lifetime Subscription - The Best of Both Worlds

After many requests for a “stand alone” or a “one time fee” type of payment option, we have finally done the backend work necessary to make this a reality. We are very pleased to announce our Lifetime Subscription to the Escape Room Master Suite of products. As software developers, we purchase quite a bit more software than the average computer using individual, and are constantly frustrated by how the purchase process works. Generally there are only two available options for buying software. It can be licensed for a one time fee, or it can be purchased as a monthly subscription.

Monthly subscriptions make a lot of sense, and are great options. The upfront cost is cheaper for the monthly subscription. You get to try software before you would commit to perhaps a discounted yearly subscription, and you do not need to fork over a larger amount of money right away. Typically, a monthly plan gets all applicable updates, 24/7 or at least better priority support, and instant access to new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and the like. Of course, this comes at a cost. The monthly fee ends up being significantly higher over a period of time compared with either a yearly or lifetime purchase fee.

Most companies will offer a one time fee purchase option as well. While you are given the advantage of saving money, you will receive very little in the form of support or maintenance for the software. You essentially have purchased it in it’s current state, and do not receive updates, bug fixes, enhancements, new features which other users may have requested. Additionally, another “one time” paid update is required every couple years. We think all of this is ridiculous, so we decided to combine it into the best of both worlds.

Our pricing structure is super simple. You can pay monthly, at our standard price. Sign up and cancel at any time. Pay yearly, in one lump chunk. You get about a 20% discount (most SaaS platforms are around 10% for a year) and no loss in features, updates, etc. Finally, and best of all, you are able to purchase a true, one time fee lifetime subscription to the Escape Room Master Live Escape Game Suite. This lifetime subscription grants you unfettered lifetime access to all the software we have and will ever create, including our current Game Master software, waiver software, leaderboard software, and lobby photo display app, along with tons of other great products we have planned. Not only do you get the support, updates, and features, but you truly only pay once. We will never ask you for payment ever again, and you continue to receive all the same things any monthly subscriber would. Additionally, it can be used across unlimited rooms, as well as locations. For owners of multi location or franchised escape games, this is an incredibly cheap option and pays for itself in barely one year if you have more than one location.


Lifetime Subscription