Escape Game Leaderboard App Coming Soon!

Escape Room Master is adding yet another product to the lineup! Everyone has and updates leaderboards, so why not have a slick, integrated way to do it with the software you are already using? Every time a team completes a room with time remaining, the Game Master running the room is able to input the team name, and save them to the database of teams who have escaped that specific room. These teams can later be displayed on a TV, iPad, or Android tablet via an App or web page in your lobby, or on your website. Available options will include weekly, monthly, and overall best times, separated out by the room the times were recorded in.

Tightly joined with this we are releasing our percentage tracker, which automatically calculates and displays the room completion percentage. No more manually tracking escape to fail ratios for your room! Displayable in your lobby will be the overall percentage, as well as each rooms percentage ratio for escape. Of course, sticking with our customizable software, all screens are fully adjustable and can be branded to your liking as necessary.


Escape Game Leaderboard