Escape Room Master - Live Escape Game Software Release

Today we announce the exciting release of our awesome Escape Room Master Live Escape Room software! At it’s roots is a great timer app, coupled with saved and ad-hoc clues, from text and audio to photos and video. Our software is web based, with offline functionality. Once you have downloaded and cached the necessary content in your browser, you are able to continue running the rooms offline.

Our software is based on the idea of a Game Master (GM) running a room full of players who are viewing the Live View of our Escape Room Master software on a TV or monitor placed within the scenario. With the amount of customization available, the screen can easily be fit to almost any Live Escape Game scenario. The premium experience you want to deliver to your customers is best created with a game master attending each room. A well trained Escape Game Master may run two rooms at once, even off the same computer, but we recommend one per room as a best experience for your customers.

For hardware, all you need is a TV or monitor in the room for display, a computer, laptop, or even a ChromeBook for the Game Master, and either an HDMI/DVI cord, or a Google ChromeCast device for getting content from the GM to your Live Escape Room. With a ChromeCast, you are able to wirelessly broadcast to a TV in the room, and use the same computer for multiple rooms. A full hardware setup can cost as little as $150 for a computer, $120 for a TV, and $10-$35 for a connecting link of the HDMI cord, or the ChromeCast. This comes out far cheaper than an Apple iPad, and is far more versatile of a setup as you have a full computer at your disposal, and a full physical computer.

We are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with owners as we expand our suite of software for running and managing Live Escape Rooms and Live Escape Games. We have great plans for Escape Room Leaderboards, Waivers, Escape Game Booking, Escape Room POS, and more!


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