Escape Room Master Live View Scaling

Hey guys, just a quick update on a new feature a lot of you have been asking for. Everything in the Live View that the escape game players will see is now able to be scaled from the edit room menu on the Room Dashboard. You may adjust the size of the logo, the font size, timer size, and more on a per room basis. Additionally, we update how you are able to change the colors of the live view to better facilitate branding.

Quite a bit is going to be changing soon on the backend so please stay tuned to this blog for those features and releases, as well as watching the tutorial/feature explanation section in the Escape Room Master backend, where we are always updating and adding new ways to use our apps, and their features. See a new button pop up and not sure how it does, or maybe it isn’t working as expected? Contact us, or check the documentation in the backend, we are always ready and willing to help out, day or night!


Live View Scaling Responsive Branding