Chromecast Escape Game vs HDMI Live Escape Room

A significant amount of questions we receive are related to how you transmit data from the Game Master controlled computer to the TV or screen in the room which the Escape Game players see. The first option is of course an HDMI cable. This cord carriers video and audio from the computer into the Escape Game Room, pipes it directly into the TV, and the TV spits out the received media. This is great, but you have to run wires, and are only able to run one room per computer, as the HDMI cord takes all the audio output of the computer and sends it to one TV.

Enter the Google ChromeCast App for Live Escape Games! With the ChromeCast, you can have one Game Master run two escape rooms off of one computer, saving on both hardware and staffing costs. We recommend one Game Master per Escape Game Room that is being run, but a well trained and talented GM is fully capable of running two rooms at once. Using the ChromeCast, simply broadcast each Live View tab to a different room. The game master may use multiple monitors while running the rooms, or may tab between windows in order to keep track of the progress of each room, and interact with the players. In this way, even more than two rooms could be run by one GM, but we believe this is sacrificing the premium experience of players in the room, since they may lack attention due to the Game Master being spread so thinly across multiple rooms.


HDMI Chromecast