Camera/Audio Monitoring System Release

After over half a year of testing, samples, research, back and forth with manufacturers and almost a hundred different products, we have assembled arguably one of the best value Escape Room Video and Audio monitoring solution on the market. Each package is generally designed for an escape game with 2 rooms. For a 3 room game we recommend adding in 2 more cameras and an additional microphone. 2 single room games could also be run off of one system. Easy 100% plug and play installation and the ability to call us with any issues makes these systems ideal for even the least technical user.

What comes with it?

High definition IR/night vision cameras, specially tuned high sensitivity mics, high quality cables, and a plethora of DVR options give awesome flexibility to our systems. Base packages start at $349, and include 4 HD cameras, 2 of our high sensitivity microphones, an 8 video channel/4 audio channel DVR and 50ft runs of premium cables connect everything together and provide a completely hard wired and closed off solution from everything else, ensuring maximum reliability in your system. For mounting the cameras, we include high quality ZipIts and screws for drywall, no cheap mounting hardware for us!

By default each mic is coupled to a camera input, but we include an adapter to funnel both microphones into one. Mic/audio cables are bundled in the same run as video and power, cutting down on the amount of cable runs needed which means you spend less time in the drop ceiling and more time building your games!

Additional options include hard drives from 1TB up to 8TB (larger available by request), cable runs up to 150ft, microphone extension cables, extra cameras and mics, headphone adapters, video connection adapters and more.

Why hard wired?

Having a hardwired system removes any lag that you would potentially encounter in a wireless or IP based system. It is not dependent on your network/internet, will not clog up your router traffic, hog bandwidth or slow down anything else on your network.

Can I view cameras remotely?

Cameras can be pulled up on a remote computer or smartphone. Setup instructions are available as well.

Will you install it for me?

Yes, we definitely will! Contact us for a quote and we can fly (or drive) out to your facility and install your escape room surveillance system for you, as well as help with any other tech related items you may need such as control room setup, prop or hardware integration, or even floor to ceiling room builds.

In the box

  • 4x HD CCTV Cameras (weather proof, IR/Night Vision)
  • 2x high sensitivity mics
  • 50ft cable runs
  • 8 video channel / 4 audio channel DVR with HDMI, VGA, and BNC outputs(simultaneous capable), remote, and mouse
  • Mic input combining adapter
  • 2x Power supplies, 1 for DVR, 1 for Cameras/mics
  • High quality ZipIts for drywall mounting


Cameras Microphones Survailance